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If you found that FLA source files are useful for you, please support this site by making a donation.

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Below is a list of big contributors who greatly support flashmo website.

  • Daniel R. Barber
  • Joaquim Ribeiro
  • adrianTNT
  • Joe Aguiar
  • Ian Cook
  • Andon Design
  • Ian Calland
  • Bernard Mages
  • Henry Nyi Too
  • David Jarvis
  • M S-Moghaddam
  • Susan Herring
  • Zan Mayo Glodich

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Daniel R. Barber ( said

I have always looked for templates online. I have paid for several, and tried using some free ones. However, those designs were pretty much hit-and-miss, until I saw your site a few days ago. Your free designs are better than most paid templates. I am able to figure out how to use them and modify their appearance with very little difficulty. (Something not always the case, even with paid templates.)

In my opinion, you have set the gold standard for web design templates. I am very, very impressed and felt it important to contribute accordingly. So far, I am using two of your free templates. If I use more, I will contribute more. I can honestly say that your templates were worth every cent of my contribution.

Ian Cook said

I would like to personally thank Min Thu and his team of developers and designers. What they create, is in my humble option some of the best flash templates I have ever scene. I have over 15 year's development experience, but I am new to flash development. It was purely by luck that I came across the Flashmo website, but what a piece of luck! All the Flashmo templates are of the highest standard. I truly believe in paying for what you use in life. I have donated time and time again, and will be in the future. Please support this site and pay for what you use!

What I really like is there coding standards, I am a big fan of this, structured code makes it easy to edit and reuse. Also, they have provided support and help without any questions. All this from a free website! Finally, please support the site and don't use it unless you pay!

adrianTNT ( said files are some of the best flash files you can find online for free, many of them are better than files that are for sale on other sites.

Flashmo has some of the listings posted on our website ( and users appreciate them very much, the files receive some of the best comments and ratings.

Alyssa Winfield ( said

The service at flashmo is excellent. I downloaded one of the free flash navigational systems, and I wanted to edit it beyond just the basics. I have very little experience with flash, so after looking for an online tutorial to find out what I wanted to do, I finally emailed flashmo customer service.

To my surprise, I received a response several hours later. I was able to message back and forth, and in the end, achieved the result I was looking for. I am amazed with the quality and service at this site. Now I keep going back! Definitely the most valuable online resource I have come across.